Northern Arizona Native American Culture Trail ( NANACT ) is a web-based travel resource which helps visitors experience Northern Arizona's scenic beauty and unique culture. NANACT and its Web site were made possible through funding from the US Department of Labor Women’s Bureau and the Employment and Training Administration, with facilitation and coordination by Coconino County in collaboration with the Museum of Northern Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and others.

Discover Spectacular Scenery, People & Art

Navajo NecklaceNANACT's free trip maps, based on author Fran Kosik's excellent book give you the information necessary to explore new terrain, meet fascinating people and discover beautiful arts and crafts.

The trip maps are complete with directions, maps, sights, accomodations, dining and more. Go beyond the usual attractions to experience the vibrant variety of Native tribal lands.

See for Yourself: Stunning Visual Galleries

Photo & Video GalleryExplore our beautiful photo galleries for exquisite photography of people, places, art and more. Discover some of the processes, stories and history behind Native art and culture with fascinating videos. Professional photography by Michele Mountain and the Museum of Northern Arizona provides ample reason to plan your visit to NANACT regions.

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Second Place Jewelry Award © 2007 L. Bruce Hodgins Photo courtesy of MNA
First Place Pottery Award © 2008 Kathleen Collateta Photo courtesy of MNA
Pollen Trail Fashion Show Model Photo © 2008 M. Mountain